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DrawUSB with PSoC 5.1 SP2 | Cypress Semiconductor

DrawUSB with PSoC 5.1 SP2

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Hello, I just got the CY3655 Dev-Kit and installed the current version of the PSoC Designer. I found the DrawUSB sample on the CD, but this is an old 2006 version, which needed PSoC 4.4. Is there an actual version of the sample available?

Thanks in advance


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Hi WIlfred,


The EncoreII USB controller is based on the PSoC1 Architecture, so you would be better off posting your

questions regarding this in the PSoC Designer software forum.

(THis forum is for the PSoC5 part, which uses a different (ARM Cortex-M3 architecture).

Having said that your DramUSB example should work just fine the latest version of PSoC Designer IDE,

which you should download from here :

best regards,

Tom Moxon



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