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Configurable XRES on PSoC 5 | Cypress Semiconductor

Configurable XRES on PSoC 5

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How can the 'configurable reset' pin P1[2] configured as reset? Can't seem to find it anywhere...

(This is for the CY8C5588 processor board, on the CY8CKIT-001. )



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Hi Abhijit,


Since you are using 100 pin CY8C5588 part, you can enable Optional XRES on P1[2] by selecting the same in the System tab of the .cydwr file.

It can be found at the following location:

.cydwr file > System > Programming / Debugging > Use Optional XRES



The snap-shot below shows the setting done.







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Found it.. thanks.


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I would enalble the optional reset but I can't find that option in the programming\debugging menu.

I use PSoC Creator 2  and I see only two options:

  • Debug Select
  • Enable Device Protection

I use a CY8C5588AXI-060.

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The optional XRES input (p1[2]) is no longer supported and has been disabled (it is no longer presented in the System design-wide editor). 

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This feature has been disabled for PSoC5 in PSoC Creator 2.0

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