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Changes cpecs for PSoC5?

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When reading the migration documents, I saw that the CAN component has been removed (together with the boost converter), and that the sample rate for the SAR ADC has been reduced to 700ksps (as of 1Msps before). Also, in the PSoC5 CY8C55 family data sheet, the CY8C5588 devices are missing (these are the ones built into the -001 and -050 dev kits).

  • will CAN be added later again?
  • also, will the SAR ADC speed up again (my project depends on this...)?
  • and will the 5588 be listed again, or has been removed from the release plan?

Is there a comprehensice list of all changes (the family data sheet just states updates to nearly all sections, but not what has been changed)?



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I think Cypress is going to introduce another line that have those items you want.

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