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Bootloading PSoc 5 using Wiznet | Cypress Semiconductor

Bootloading PSoc 5 using Wiznet

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I'm interested in creating a bootloadable project to PSoC 5 by Ethernet (connected to PC that holds HEX file).

I'm using Wiznet component (SPI to Ethernet) that acts as slave while my PSoC is the SPI master.

I've read that the bootloader must use SPI slave (In my case), and I'm afraid the whole PSoc-Wiznet-Bootloader communication might not work properly.

Do I have to define a custom bootloader from scratch, or can I base my design on an existing solution.


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You can have a look at the UART implementation of the Bootloader and copy & paste the code into your bootloader. Changes are required. Programming the bootloader into your PSoC requires a programmer, Kitprog or Miniprog3.



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