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AN77759 rev D needs updating | Cypress Semiconductor

AN77759 rev D needs updating

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The PWM [v3.30] in the latest version of PSoC creator (3.3) has an enable line that isn't shown in AN77759 rev D.

If the component drawing (? -- sorry, not sure of terminology, it's shown as a .cysch file) is entered as per the app note, there will be "enable" lines that aren't connected to anything.  When I "Build->Generate Application" I get the error, ' Terminal "enable" requires connection when it is visible. '.  

After some head-scratching,  I connected the 'enable' lines to a "Logic High '1' [v1.0]" 

I suppose it would be obvious to anyone who has used this before, but it really confused me yesterday when things didn't work.  The PWM datasheet said the pin would no longer be visible if I set enable to 'software only', but that of course kept the PWM from being enabled. I needed to sleep on it and look at it with fresh eyes to come up with a solution.


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Welcome in the forum, Jason.

The "Enable" input is shown only when you set the "Enable Mode" property to something different from "Software only".

Setting it to a logical "1" in your case was quite right.

You need to call the PWM_Start() API to enable the PWM. Setting property to  "Software only" does not hinder the PWM to run.

When you still have got any problems, attach a workspace bundle (Creator->File->Create Workspace Bundle(minimal)) to your post, together with a note on what board you're running the project.



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