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XRES_N needed for JTAG programming? | Cypress Semiconductor

XRES_N needed for JTAG programming?

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I have a question about the reset pins on a CY8C5467AXI-LP108 device.
From this datasheet (page 7) the JTAG connector uses the nTRST pin (P1.5). But regarding to the CY8C54LP family datasheet XRES and nTREST are used (page 60). Regarding the applicationnote AN61290 only the XRES is being used.

I would like to program and debug the device with the MiniProg3.
Do I need the trace connections for debugging using breakpoints and ISRs?

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Because the  nTRST and XRES are different. The XRES's function is to reset our chip. But the nTRST is to reset the standard JTAG tool. So  if you want to use the reset mode, you must connect with XRES. But the nTRST is optional.


Guo lingling

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I am a beginner and I have the JTAG Segger , can I used it to programming the PSoC1 ?

when have photo to communication is good

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Welcome in the forum, but there is a PSoC1 forum where you should ask that question, here you are in PSoC5.



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