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What's wrong with Sample And Hold in PSoC5LP | Cypress Semiconductor

What's wrong with Sample And Hold in PSoC5LP

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 Hello, I have played with PSoC 5LP dev. kit and found very strange fenomenon with Sample and Hold component:

I'm using Sigma-Delta ADC 14bit mode, single mode, single sample to measure voltage on pot. R56 on the kit.

I use a timer to start S/H and the same timer to fire interrupt in which I mesure input signal (Just for checking - from potentiometer so it is constant). When I measure voltage before S/H it varies not more than 2 bits. If I measure it after S/H component then measured value varies to 5-6 bits.

Here is a part of code in interrupt:


CyDelayUs(1) ;// for testing
AMux_1_Select(0); // mux channel '0' is signal before S/H ; '1' - after

//  AMux_1_Select(1); // mux channel '1' - after S/H

 CyDelayUs(4) ;// for testing
ADC_IsEndConversion(ADC_WAIT_FOR_RESULT); // waiting for result from ADC - REF channel
temp_Value = ADC_GetResult32();

ADC_IsEndConversion(ADC_WAIT_FOR_RESULT); // waiting for result from ADC - REF channel
temp_Value = ( ADC_GetResult32() + temp_Value) / 2 ;

 ADC_StartConvert();// measure '0' channel 
REF_Voltage = ( ADC_GetResult32() + temp_Value)/2 ;



If I use AMux_1_Select(1) - the voltage is after S/H and the result is very strange - error is about 3-4 bits.

What can I do, so the S/H will be working normally?

 I need a simultaneous true measure of 3 different channels and14 bits is a must.

Thanks in advance.

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Usually it is advisable to upload a complete project so that we can check all the settings.

What I see at first sight are your delays in µs which can be a bit short for a MUX - S&H - ADC chain.



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The analog mux settling time shown in the datasheet is below, so first blush might

make you think you are allright. But it is not stipulated at what resolution, I will bet its

12 bit settling time. I will have that clarified. You could always run a quick test for your

actual layout, thats one of the beauties of PSOC, ability to self test.


Your A/D, set at 14 bits, if Vref was +/- 2.048, read range of 4.096, then 1 lsb = 250 uV.

So you would typically want settling to 1/2 or 1 lsb.


The S/H has an acquistition time of 1 uS, 1%, which is only ~ 7 bit performance.


In short Bob is spot on, delays look pretty small.


Regards, Dana.


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