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using RX_interrupt in UART_1_INT.C...doesn't work... | Cypress Semiconductor

using RX_interrupt in UART_1_INT.C...doesn't work...

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I am having great difficulty using the UART_1_INT.c RX receive interrupt routine.

Please provide sample code for use with the CY8CKIT-050 PSoC 5LP kit.

If I use the  ch = UART_1_GetChar(); from UART_1.c that will "capture" the byte correctly.

The interrupt routine CY_ISR(UART_1_RXISR) in UART_1_INT.c will not.

Please advise.

Thank you.

p.s.  I had already check ed the interrupt RX-On Byte Received in the UART_1 configure box.

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Hi dtvonly

Did you start Interrupt routine?

As you know, UART module has many parameters and setting.

So, I have no clue from your describe.

When you upload bundle project, you can get more help.

The bundle that simplified for UART is OK.

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If you want to use your own interrupt routine you have to disable the buffer (set to 4) otherwise an internal int will be generated. Connect the Rx_Interrupt pin to an ISR usermodule. in code write your handler with the CY_ISR_PROTO() declaration and with CY_ISR() definition (see System Reference Guide). Start the handler with isr_StartEx(YourHandler).
In handler clear the status after retrieving the character(s) inb fifo. That's it!


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