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Using a PSoC 4 Pioneer Board as a programmer for PSoC 5LP | Cypress Semiconductor

Using a PSoC 4 Pioneer Board as a programmer for PSoC 5LP

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Hello Everyone,

I have a PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-042) and I was wondering whether it is possible to use the onboard PSoC 5LP based programmer (KitProg) to program another PSoC 5LP chip on a third-party board given that I down’t own a MiniProg 3. The board I want to program, the Schmartboard PSoC 5LP Development Board (710-0008-05) comes with a bootloader to facilitate programming without an external device, but I want to use the USB Bulk Data Transfer Capability of PSoC 5LP and if I guess correctly that might not be possible if I use the bootloader method (which uses the USB for programming) and therefore require a SWD based programmer. I have seen that there is an article entitled ‘PSoC 3 and PSoC 5LP Programming Using an External Microcontroller (AN73054)’ but I want to check if there is a easier way than trying to implement what is discussed in that. Is it simple as connecting the pins (SWDIO, SWDCLK and \XRES or P5LP2_0 to P5LP2_4) connected from the onboard PSoC 5LP to the external programmer header for the PSoC4 (J6) to the relevant pins in the MiniProg3 connector on the third-party board, ensuring that both boards share the same power supply (GND), and using the PSoC Programmer software?



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Hi tanaka

Bootloader USB and PSoC5LP's USB are shareable,

There are in another region. I had implement both once before

But SWD debugging is not available on bootable composition, as you say.

Another discution is here ...

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 Right now kitprog, the PSOC5 based programmer on the Pioneer kit, only supports PSOC4 devices and won't be able to program PSOC5 devices. 


I have not really tried it, but the schmartboard usb bootloader should hand complete control after the initial check, so it should be posible to use the USB module for bulk transfers.


another alternative is building a EZ-USB based programmer (or buying the FX2LP kit from ebay) that wont cost you more than the cost of a EZ-USB FX2 (or FX1) chip and a pcb.

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 I was able to programme a different PSoC4  part using the Pioneer Board :-)

After making the hardware rework I tried programming from the Creator UI, but it would not allow.

Tried from the Programmer and it programmed without issues.



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On changing the Chip ID in the design, programming from PSoC Creator IDE is also possible

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