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Using DMA

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Good afternoon everyone,

I have here the Cy8Ckit-059 Psoc5LP and I think to design a filter EMG in this device.I know this is probably a silly question, but I'm encountering some difficulties to make this project.

If I'm right, I have to use a ADC, DMA, Digital Filter and VDAC blocks to make the Band-pass filter. The problem is that I do not know about using DMA block.

If you can tell me what I should know about it I will be very grateful.

Other tips that may help with my work will be of great help.

Thank you very much in advance,

Felipe Rodrigo Ribeiro Oliveira


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Felipe, Your question is very general and it's hard to give specific advice until you have a start on the project. But in addition to reading documentation, remember that PSoC Creator has a DMA Wizard to auto generate code that you can copy/paste into your program. The Wizard is under the Tools tab.

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When viewing Creator Start Page there is an entry "Find Example Project". Here you may specify your PSoC5 and have a look at the filter examples.



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