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USBUART Parity | Cypress Semiconductor


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Hi everyone,

 I have implemented a USBUART on my CY8CKIT-059 Kit everything works properly but I would change the parity and the stop bit of trasmission

Could someone tell me where I can set the UART's parameters?



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Welcome in the forum!

Only the windows host is able to set the datarate. Because the com port is only emulated, there is no real baud rate in that communication. There is a configuration setting program from Cypress:

USB-Serial Configuration Utility
Cypress USB-Serial Configuration Utility is an application included in the USB-Serial software development
kit (SDK) installation. This utility is used to configure the USB-Serial device configuration,
and helps use additional capabilities of USB-Serial device such as USB-UART configurations, USBGPIO
controls, and custom development using the USB-I2C and USB-SPI protocols.
After you install the USB-Serial SDK, click Start > All Programs > Cypress > Cypress
USB Serial > Cypress USB-Serial Configuration Utility to launch the USB-Serial Configuration



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Thank you for your disponibility

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 I tried to follow your suggestion... I installed the Utility but when I launch it I can't Connect any devices.

In the Start Page of Utility there is a list of components (CY7C.....) I use CY8C, it can be this the problem?
If Yes, how can I change the parity of the USBUART?



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USBUART is a slave.
It has  function  uint8  USBUART_1_GetConfiguration(void) 
but it does not has function SetConfiguration
Bob said that Only the windows host is able to set the datarate.
those. configuration (parity) can only change the master (PC) but not PSoC​


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CDC Class Request are the requests supported by the USBUART component. If a request is not
supported, the USBUART component responds with a STALL, indicating a request error.

There is a  CDC Class Request available as SET_LINE_CODING which allows the host to specify typical asynchronous line character
formatting properties such as: data terminal rate,number of stop bits, parity type and number of data bits. It applies to data transfers both from the host to the device and from the device to the host.

So, host can change the  value of parity and stop bits, USBUART component cannot.


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