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USBUART Bootloader

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 Hi - I've been trying to develop a bootloader based on the USBUART component. I need the UART capability for something else before the actual bootload starts. I'm having some difficulties getting it to work. I started with the UART bootlaoder example, and even compiled the C# software for the bootloader host. I keep getting an error when I try to read the size of the flash, which is part of the overall bootloading procedure. I think this could be for a number of reasons, so I'm here to ask a few separate questions:

1) Is there any sample code for using USBUART for bootloading?

2) I notice Psoc Creator supports UART bootloading now, but not USBUART. Is there a way to do this easily? The Bootloader host does not seem to recognize the USBUART component either.

3) Alternatively, I could use USBUART when my core program starts, and the simply switch to USB bootloading, since that already works for me. Is there a way to disabple the USBUART component once I'm done using it, and then tell the componentto act as a genral USB? I can't have both USB and USBUART on the same schematic since they both require the same pins on the PSoC5.

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I am not quite sure whether you are re-inventing the wheel, but in Creator 2.2 there is an USBUART module that works together with the Bootloader component without any modifications. So the question is: What are you trying to implement?


Happy coding


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