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USB Audio Class 2 for PSOC5? | Cypress Semiconductor

USB Audio Class 2 for PSOC5?

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Hello. Mightily impressed by the 5LP development kit and PSOC Creator.

I am trying to write a modest bit of firmware for a USB audio class 2 compliant device for use with Apple hosts. Yes, I know I could use class 1 given the full-speed only capabilities of the PSOC5, but I need to make this UAC2 compliant.

There are some questions arising:

1. Does anyone have a working UAC2 example?

2. The audio descriptors list in 'Configure USBFS' appears to be missing a UAC2 Type 1 format type descriptor as defined in section of the Frmts20 final document*. Is there a way to add to new custom descriptor template to the USBFS configuration tool? 

3. If the answer to 3 is no, what is the best way to incorporate a new descriptor format? I'm loathe to modify machine generated code ... 

Any help welcomed.


*Contained in the zip file here:



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