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Understanding of hardwareconnections of pins | Cypress Semiconductor

Understanding of hardwareconnections of pins

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I need to use some OPs and I'm not sure what kind of input I need now. Regarding to the colors of the OP-pin, I need an analog pin. But is this a hardwareconnection or not? Otherwise I thought about using a digital input pin with hardwareconnection enabled. If it is a real hardwareconnection, there shouldn't be any difference.

Seems to be an easy question but I'm a little bit stuck here.


Best regards

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Hi, im not an expert but i had always used analog pins with the Opamps.

Guessing you are using a 5LP, the AppNote AN58304 describes the pins that we must use for best performance, and give us a table 3, in page 7:

i hope somebody can elaborate a better answer


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The term "Hardware Connection" for a pin (usually a digital pin) means that the pin is driven by an internal signal as opposed to driving the pin by software using a Pin_Read() or a Pin_Write() API.

Open the datasheet for the pin component and browse through the explanations for the parameters.



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This might be useful -      AN72382 - Using PSoC® 3 and PSoC 5LP GPIO Pins


Regards, Dana.

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