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unable to enumerate virtual com port for USBUART example implementation | Cypress Semiconductor

unable to enumerate virtual com port for USBUART example implementation

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 I'm trying to implement a USBUART in psoc 5 of my CY8CKIT-001 DVK.  I'm so far succeded in loading the driver ( i.e.  .sys file)  and enabling my PC to list  out  "Cypress USB Generic Driver" in its port list but then the virtual com port is not getting cerated. I don't know where i'm going wrong.  Any help is greately appreciated.

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Do the voltage settings of your project, of the PSoC kit and of the code match (in the demo code a voltage of 3V is used, but the projects are typically set to 5V)?

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Hi Srinath,

                   Did you use the .ini file generated in the 'Generated' folder of the project after building it? If not, please try using it.  If Windows does not prompt for the driver after USB cable is connected, then please uninstall the previous installed drivers and point to the .ini file after Windows prompt for the driver. This might resolve the issue. In Device Manger a ComPort should appear after the drivers are installed correctly.

If this does not resolve the issue, then please mention which OS you are using on your desktop/  laptop on which the USB cable is conencted and also the PSoC Creator and USB version you are using.



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