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UART Rx Status Byte/s

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Hi All.

Is there a corresponding RX status byte for each byte of data that the UART recieves, or is there a single status byte that contains information about the last data byte that was received?

Lets say have an ISR whose source is the "RX - On Byte Received" signal. If the target is busy doing "something else", and by the time the ISR is called there are two bytes of data in the UART RX FIFO, do I need to check the RX status byte once, or once for each byte of data in the FIFO?

From the component datasheet, it appears that there is only one status byte, but I would like to be sure.

- R

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The status should be just the last byte received. If you need to check the RX status, the best is to check this inside a RX interrupt.

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Typically in your RX-ISR you should check, after each byte, if there is anything left in the receive fifo:

if (0!=(UART_RX_STS_FIFO_NOTEMPTY & UART_ReadRxStatus()))

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