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Timer cannot reset

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I am currently doing a project to control PSoC chip through USBUART.

For one of the chips, i use PWM, AD & Timer function. But i encounter a problem that the Timer cannot be reset properly. Could anyone help me to check what is wrong with my way of doing it?

I build 4 Timers inside my code. The reset bit is "Pin_TMR1_RST", and it is connected to "Pin_TMR1_RST_CTRL" through hardware circuit. So that i can toggle "Pin_TMR1_RST_CTRL" to reset the timer.

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I fell into the same pit, so you are mot allone in the dark (smile).

Reset for timers (and counterrs) are synchron and must endure one clock pulse long. Your sync-components requires (as datasheet tells) "The signal must have a pulse width of at least one clock period  + 2ns"

I would suggest you to use two D-FFs, the first with an async set input which will together generate a pulse long enough to reset your timers.


Happy coding


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Hi Bob,

Thanks! Sorry for late reply, just back from a long holiday...

since my clock used in "capture" is 2KHz, does that mean the Reset pulse will work if it is longer than 0.5ms + 200ns?

The D-ff, would you please give more details? i am still confused...    

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