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Timeout of SPC Polling Problem | Cypress Semiconductor

Timeout of SPC Polling Problem

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I have to program ten PsoC 5 chips with PSoC programmer 3.42.2 and Mini prog3

PSoC programmer fails to program 3 of 10 chips,

but Seven chips is programmed successfully. 


The error massage is "Timeout of SPC polling "


My conditions and configurations are as follows, 



Programming Mode: Reset

Verification : On

Auto Detection: On

Protocol: SWD

Voltage: 3.3 V

Connector 5p

Clock Speed 6MHz


What Should I do ?


Best Regards,

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Welcome in the forum!

Problems like that could best be solved by getting in contact with Cypress directly.: At top of this page select "Design Support -> Create a Support Case" and describe your problem.



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