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Start with PSoC 5 or PSoC 3 for CY8CKIT-031? (Capsense Expan. Kit) | Cypress Semiconductor

Start with PSoC 5 or PSoC 3 for CY8CKIT-031? (Capsense Expan. Kit)

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I am an experienced embedded developer, and would like to do some experimenting with the Cap. Sense Expansion Kit consisting of a couple of boards with buttons and sliders.

I haven't yet done any PSoC development.

I would like to purchase CY8CKIT-031 and CY8CKIT-050 to start my learning, but

it looks like the CY8CKIT-031 Quick Start Guide, and the CY8CKIT-031 "PSoC CapSense Expansion Board Kit Guide" only describe how to get the example programs working on PSoC 3.

Are there documents describing how to work with the software examples for CY8CKIT-031 on the PSoC 5?

Or, would I be better off getting the CY8CKIT-031 examples working on PSoC 3 (CY8CKIT-030), and later focus on getting the examples to work on PSoC 5?


Any help is appreciated.


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Welcome in the fascinating world of PsSoC!

I personally prefer the KIT-001 which contains a PSoC1, PSoC3 and PSoC5 exchangeable processor module, a MiniProg3 a board with LCD and 2 CapSense buttons and a CapSense slider. The kit is more universal for a moderate price and allows for comfortable debugging of PSoC3 and 5. For PSoC1 debugging an ICE-Cube is needed.



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 Hi there. The CY8CKIT-030/050 has some unique features such as improved noise performance and ability to demonstrate the real low power capability of PSoC3/PSoC5. More over it is possible to migrate any PSoC3 to PSoC5. As told in the previous comment the CY8CKIT-001 is more versatile and it has PSoC3, PSoC5 and PSoC1. If you are tight on budget go for the Kit 001 since you get everything.  

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