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SRAM and Display-Menu generation. | Cypress Semiconductor

SRAM and Display-Menu generation.

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 I am new to PSOC , but i hopei picked right tool for my project.

My Project contains FPGA  Dev. Board (Altera DE1) with  on board SDRAM and SRAM chips.

 The FPGA recieves  Image Data at 25 FPS at 1280x1024 and stores it in SDRAM. It also displays the image in real time on the VGA TFT Display( this part  is already working)

I have  CY8CKIT-050 PSoC 5LP Development Kit. This PSOC board  should do the following:

-Generate text and control simple patterns(cursors,lines, squares etc) and write the pixeldata to the SRAM  on Altera board. (since text and controlled pattern generation is pretty complicated on the FPGA)

After the pattern generation is done, FPGA will display it on the display. The pattern update rate isnt crucial, could be under 25 FPS if needeed.

After its done, i will  use PSOC5 to transfer Image to my PC  at USB2.0 Full speed ( sick of this RS232 speed):)

But i dont know where to start my journey:) I already done some example projects/appnotes with PSOC .

Is there a  dedicated Library for pattern/text generation and SRAM/SDRAM control?

Tnx for help.






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There is an external memory interface component (EMIF), boith synch and asynch.


When you place a component, de-select it, right click, "find example project" there is an

aexample project you can open in a new workspace, or current workspace, and you can

cut and paste code into your project.


There is also an LCD component to interface to an external controller that might be useful.


I am not aware of a tool for building fonts/graphic objects in Creator, there must be 3'rd

partry tools out there for that. Maybe some other users can comment on this.


Regards, Dana.

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If you wants to do the text and cursor using FPGA, you can go and search old CRT controller chip such as the 6845 and the application notes, you can see how the cursor and text generated. There are also openCore for CRT controller, as well.

That is if your porject allow you to use FPGA  to perform the task.

Just wondering if anyone remembers this 6845 CRTC  :-)


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