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SPI Bootloader PSOC 5

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Has anyone developed an SPI bootloader?  I need to do it if one isn't already available.  I am also hoping someone has done a USB to SPI bootloader translation/pass-through program so I can debug the bootloader. I envision using a second demo board to just pass the bootload commands through it onto the SPIM to be received by the first demo board that is trying to bootload through the SPI.

I then wouldn't have to also write a windows based SPI bootloader-host.

The other alternative is to write a windows based UART bootloader-host and a UART to SPI pass through program on a second demo board.  I don't like writing windows based programs so I'm hoping the first option is available.



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Have you had a chance to look at this -


Regards, Dana.

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The application note has a UART bootloader implemented. For SPI bootloader, the concept would remain the same. Just that the functions would need to be modified for SPI instead of UART. For reference, look at the 'Custom Bootloader Component' topic in the 'Bootloader System' section in CyBoot_V_2.40 the on following page:

This document has the APIs for SPI based bootloader.

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 Have you had a look at the latest SPI Bootloader AN?

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