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Sleep Mode operation | Cypress Semiconductor

Sleep Mode operation

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My application is having Mux, DAC and OPAMP and Comparator. I want to let the system in sleep mode and wake up it with Comparator.  My Comparator is fed by DAC and Mux, Opamp combination. Comparator can be used as a wake up source for sleep mode. But as per the TRM, "All subsystems automatically disabled" in PSoC5 in Sleep mode. Is that mean I can not let the system to be in sleep mode and wakeup by comparator?



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The DAC and the OPAMP will be cut off, so your comparator's inputs will not be what you'd like to have. Have a look at AN77900 regarding power-saving modes.



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Note you can also use the LVI for a wakeup source. Look into

TRM for discussion of how to set up regulators to "buzz" so

they can periodically power ancillary ciruits for this purpose.


You can also use the periodic wakeup with a timer to power

your analog and then test it for full startup or go back to sleep.

If process low enough duty cycle power impact would be negligable.


Regards, Dana.

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