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Serial Emulation Driver for USB

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Hi ,

      We are using CY8kit - 059 , in that we require serial emulation driver for USB . Could you please give some suggestion how to we get the Serial Emulation Driver for USB.

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Welcome in the forum.

The serial emulation driver is usually a windows component and needs no manual installation.

Depending on which USB you want to use there are different paths. Successful installation cyn be controlled in windows device manager, where a com-port will pop up.

USB is the Kitprog.

  • Check with PSoC programmer 3.25.0 if an update is required
  • Use an UART component and the USB-UART bridge. Use pins P12_6 and P12_7 for Rx and Tx
  • Read KitProg manual for details

USB micro-b connector

  • Best is to use an USBUART component. After correct initialization (See example projects) the com port will show.

You may use PuTTY to connect to the com port with the correct baud-rate you can display ASCII data coming from the PSoC on screen.


Happy coding!



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