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sending email using esp8266 | Cypress Semiconductor

sending email using esp8266

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Hi all,


I am trying to send email to a smtp server using my psoc 5lp and esp8266.


I have integrated the esp8266, but I am having trouble finding information on how to set it up to send email.


I know there's a plethora of information ono the esp8266, but unfortunately I have only found example code that relies on existing libraries in languages that the psoc 5lp cannot use. 


Does anyone know of any libraries or examples that I might be able to use?  

Or just some helpful hints are appriciated.




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After some further reading I realize that the RedPine module might be a substantially easier solution if what I read about it is correct.  

It seems that the redpine module already has a TCP/IP stack implemented in it?  is this correct?


I cannot find any component or anything for psoc that supports tcp connections, only udb, which is fine initially.

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Yes you are correct. Redpine modules have stack inside. 



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