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I am fairly new to the PSoC community. I am working on a CYC8KIT-059 and I recently came into a problem that I cannot resolve.


Whenever I try loading a program onto the chip using the "program" button on PSoC Creator 3.3 a window pops up that says "select debug target" and the list is empty. Also, the USB status light (LED 3) does this slow, pulsing blink. This is the second board that this has happened to after previously having no problems with a different board.


I've read some topics dealing with this type of problem on the PSoC 4 that seem to point to the bootloader, but I'm not sure how to correct the problem.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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You are in a different programming mode, press the switch for more than 5 seconds, blinking should change.

Your -059 has no bootloader, but the programming part has one. I would suggest you to update the KitProg to latest version:

Close Creator

Start PSoC Programmer 3.24.4 (update first, when you have got a lower version)

Select your KitProg. There could be a message (after a while) popping up telling you to update firmware. Do as advised.

Close Programmer

Unplug -059, count to 27 and re-plug

Wait for new drivers installed

Start creator


Happy coding



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