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RF Communication problem

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I have two boards with a Cypress PSoC 5 CY8C5868AXI-LP032 and a RF Transceiver AUREL VF 2.4 HP/V (that mount on board a Cypress CYRF6936)
I'm developing my project with PSoC Creator 3.2, the project uses SPI protocol to communicate with the AUREL device, so I have a MASTER project that transmits continuously and a SLAVE project that receive the data.
I'm using a library (Radio.h and RadioSPI.h) , I had to modify this library for that model of Aurel. Now I can transmit and receive 1 byte very fast, and it works fine.
Now, I need to transmit and receive more than a byte, so I would to use the Burst Write Sequence and the Burst Read Sequence, I try to punctually respect all the datasheet rules and advices but everytime I use these Sequences I don't receive byte.
Has someone got some experience with this devices and uses a Burst Read or Write sequence? Has someone got some advices for me?
Thank you very much.

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Keep in mind when you Tx with SPI it simultaneously is receiving, so to do the receive

you have consider what the Rx buffer contains. Here is a PSOC 4 example that can be

used in principle by PSOC 5LP -


Regards, Dana.

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