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Reading data from UART | Cypress Semiconductor

Reading data from UART

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Hi there, 

I have connected device with Psoc5 device. I am not sure how can I read data from it. So , basically I send AT commands from Host (Psoc5 device ) to client device. 

I am able to test client device through serial term from PC and it is working fine, now I have connected that to Psoc5. I am able to send the data, now I am not sure how could I read response back ?

I do send as follow


device will give you now Ok response, so not sure hoe could I read it ?

Your help would be great !!


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Assuming that your hardware connections are correct and the signal levels are shifted (PC serial uses +-12V, PSoC uses GND to VDD, so a level shifter as MAX232 needed) there are some APIs within the UART component.

You should check the UART Rx status for a character ready and if so, retrieve it using GetByte()



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