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Question about using multi-DMA | Cypress Semiconductor

Question about using multi-DMA

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Hi all

I want to use multi DMAs by parallel rather than using first DMA to request next DMA. For example,  I use a custom trigger component  to request DMAs one by one. I assume that each DMA component can work individually and run as parallel, so that total DMA speed can be accelerated.  It is just what I expect and assume, could any one tell me this is available or not??   Or there is an another way which can speed up DMA.


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You should be able to find that in the TRM of PSoC.

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You can trigger multiple DMAs at the same time, by connecting them to the same trigger signal. But they won't actually run at the same time - their transfers will be in sequency. Look at the TRM for more detail.

But yes, doing so simplifies things since there is no need for a custom trigger component.

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I asked a similar question here.

synchronize two or more DMA


In my case, was enough to make a shift in the signal table and perform CyDmaChEnable with some delay.

CyDmaChEnable(DMA_Wave_4_Chan, 1);


CyDmaChEnable(channel, 1);

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In short: There is a priorization between the different DMA-channels running in parallel.

Since you do not specify much about the problem you have got it is difficult to give you advise.

But be sure: a single DAM channel running to transfer data will always be faster than multiple channels performing the same shared job



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