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Question about the psoc creator "FOSS" file! | Cypress Semiconductor

Question about the psoc creator "FOSS" file!

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Dear all:

I am very happy to see cypress provide us the source code for the free software (PSoC creator and designer)! but i am very confused about the source code!

And if i can use the Sharp Zip Libunder the VS2010 environment, or i can transfer the c# source code to .lib file by using VS2010, after that i can use the PSoC creator's API in VS2010!

Attached website:http: //

Thanks for you kindly reply!

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 jacktan, we know its agreat news for everyone. Are you trying to import it to VS2010. Is that what you meant ?

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Source for Creator? Thats awesome.Where???

Could I then modify this to make an IDE which would function like the Arduino IDE? I mean,the legal end of it.

Sure,that PSoC-Arduino-inspired-IDE would be free and all,I dont plan on commercial profit from it.


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Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I think what was released was the source code of the FOOS packages used in PSOC creator not the actual PSOC creator source code.

Therefore, you won't be able to modify and recompile the whole PSOC Creator.

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