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PSoC5LP CAN - Is the 24MHz PLL accurate enough? | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC5LP CAN - Is the 24MHz PLL accurate enough?

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In the "Getting Started with CAN" application note it says, "This requires the use of highly accurate oscillator for baud rates greater than 125 Kbps. The CAN protocol specifies that the clock accuracy must be less than or equal to 0.5%." Is the 24MHz PLL accurate enough over the entire temperature range to have reliable CAN communication at 250 Kbps?

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No, it is not accurate enough. I would suggest you to use an x-tal for clock generation. the internal oscillator has @ 3MHz a precision of 1% which is not good enough for CAN specs.




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Specs for CAN -


Regards, Dana.

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 @bob - however if you're using the PLL and USB, the clock accuracy is increased considerably. While my own testing is *far* from thorough, I seem to have no issues with CAN when using USB as well.

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