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Psoc5 lp FRAM component | Cypress Semiconductor

Psoc5 lp FRAM component

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Hello, I'm curious if there exists an I2C F-RAM component for the PSoC5 LP similar to the one for the PSoC4? I am using a Cypress FM24256 unit.  If not I can always develop a driver from scratch using a I2C master component; however, it would be nice if that were already done .

With that in mind how much of the existing code on the psoc4 component is re-usable for the psoc5lp?



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Welcome in the forum!

I did not check the FRAM component for PSoC4 specific code or components used. But with the given example you may re-write the given component for PSoC5. There is a "Component Author Guide" showing how to. More difficult than a self-made I2C solution, but more universal.



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