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PSOC5 devices availability and prices | Cypress Semiconductor

PSOC5 devices availability and prices

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What is the availability and price for PSoC5 devices?

So far I am not able to find any info online or from distributors.



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Couple of months later and still the same question.  When will these parts be available?

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 I'm wondering the same thing.
It's fun to play with the dev kit but I would really like to start working with ES3 devices on my own PCBs.

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Hi all,


Please contact your local Sales person for this info. As of now, we have only ES1 silicon of PSoC5 and ES3 silicon of PSoC3 (sampling of PSoC3 ES3 just started). You can expect the ES2 silicon of PSoC5 by end of Q2 or by early Q3 (as of current plans).


For pricing, it is always recommended to contact our sales team. You can find the details over here.




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I need at least budgetary pricing for these parts:

PSOC 5   CY8C5566LTI-017   64K, 16K SRAM, 68QFN

PSOC 3  CY8C3866LTI-030  64K, 8K SRAM,  68 QFN

The poster above asked for price and delivery, the price part of the question was never answered.  PSOC 5 has some nice features, but there is no sense in designing it in if our part will not be priced to sell.

Thanks in advance for your prompt reply, I have already asked this question in an email to sales folks, but thought I might get faster response here since that has already been 23 hours with no word back.

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We have communicated this to the sales team. Could you provide your email id, so that sales team can contact you directly and provide you more information.

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