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Psoc USB Interfacing

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I am working on a group project at my University using the Psoc 5LP Development kit and as a first step in our project we are attempting to collect data (voltage measurements) through the device and transfer it to a PC. We all have extremely limited C coding and hardware backgrounds so we've tried following the example found at: to configure the USBUART settiings.

The code is executing and voltage measurements are being taken (they show up on the LCD screen), but when we try seeing the output through Hyperterminal nothing shows up. Is there any special driver needed or some way to configure Hyperterminal so that we can see our output on the PC?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Welcome in the fascinating world of PSoCs!

In Creator 3.0 there is an example using USBUART, nearly no settings required. Driver is a standard windows driver emulating a COM-port on the PC side. When enumeration of the USBUART is done watch for a new COM popping up on your PC.



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