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PSoC in the UC Davis Hybrid Formula Race Car | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC in the UC Davis Hybrid Formula Race Car

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Hello Dave; hope you get this.

I had to laugh when I watched your videos with the UC Davis Hybrid Race Team, especially the part where you prodded the student to answer how he was going to determine output power.  Many years back, I was on the University of Utah Formula SAE Race Team and had the same question.  I solved it by using Cypress CPLDs and micro-controllers.  I had our head mechanical guy make me a torsion strain gauge--basically a big rotating spring connected in the drive line where I added a couple of magnets and a pair of hall-effect sensors.  The sensors front and back could then be scanned in real time to see how much offset there was (how much the spring flexed) giving me a calibrated torque measurement.  Worked like a charm.  I still have that board I built with the big fat CPLDs socketed all over it.  What I would have given back then to have you show up with a PSoC 5LP CY8CKIT-050.  No, there was no PSoC back then, but the solution is identical today as it was then, just all mashed into a single piece of silicon and much easier to program.

Thanks for bringing back some fond memories.

PSoC rocks and so do you.  May all your problems be the ones you're paid to solve.

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As a grad of UCD I bow to a great solution.

Regards, Dana.

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