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PSoC Programming/Debugging via SWD at USB pins | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC Programming/Debugging via SWD at USB pins

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I'm developing a PSoC5-based board which will solely have an USB connector, so I'd like to perform initial programming (and debugging if possible) through this USB connector, using the P15[6,7] pins of the PSoC.

I tried to reproduce this situation with the CY8CKIT-050 DevKit and a MiniProg3 Programmer, both connected by a customized programming cable.
The cable connects the MiniProg3 10pin connector's VTARG,SWDCK,SWDIO,GND to USB VBUS,D-,D+,GND and is plugged into the PSoC (not FX2!) USB port of the DevKit (J2). In addition, I pulled down SWDCK P1[1] by a 10k pulldown resistor attached at pin 4 of the original programming connector of the DevKit.

But unfortunately PSoC Programmer (3.18.1) is not able to program the PSoC: When I initiate the programming procedure, the programmer performs several power cycles and the program "hangs". I can also see (on the DevKit's LCD) that existing firmware of the PSoC runs normally after each power cycle, so the PSoC seems not to manage entering SWD programming mode at power-up!??

Can you help me?

My PSoC Programmer configuration:

Device: CY8C5868AXI-LP035
Programming Mode: Power Cycle
AutoDetection: Off
Connector: 10p
ClockSpeed: 1.6MHz
Protocol: SWD
Voltage: 5.0V

Please note that the DevKit is configured to 5.0V operation by appropriate J10 J11 jumper settings.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Stevee,

I have the same kit and noticed that the chip it has is CY8C5568AXI-060. I understand very little of the rest of what you wrote, but this was the only issue I could see.

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Hi Stevee

How was a RESET mode.

If you use RESET mode, need to add external Vdd, ahead.

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