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PSoC Creator 2.0

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 Cypress Semiconductor has introduced Version 2.0 of its revolutionary PSoC Creator™ Design Environment for the PSoC® 3 and PSoC 5 programmable system-on-chip families. PSoC Creator 2.0 now interoperates with the popular and powerful Keil µVision® 4 integrated development environment (IDE), enabling software engineers to create PSoC applications using an industry-leading firmware development tool.  The integration of the two tools means that PSoC designs can be rapidly drawn, configured and built in PSoC Creator, and the application code built in the familiar and feature-rich µVision® 4 IDE.

The new version also adds 11 new, pre-configured peripheral components that can easily be dropped into the schematic design canvas and combined into powerful systems. Behind the scenes, Cypress has updated PSoC Creator’s design routing functionality. The new, timing-driven routing enables customers to increase clock speed on many designs by 20 percent or more, and increases the effective capacity of the PSoC device. More information on PSoC Creator is available at

Also visit this forum page to learn more about the exciting new features in PSoC Creator 2.0.


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