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PSoC 5LP WDT Reset Detection | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC 5LP WDT Reset Detection

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Hi to all!

The PSoC® Creator™ System Reference Guide, Document Number: 001-94480, Rev. ** (page 97) states:
"The CySysResetReason() function can be used to detect if the watchdog has triggered device reset"

It seems to me that this function does not exist!

Does anyone have the specifications for this function?
Or this is a documentation error?
Thank you to all!
Graziano G. Ravizza




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Since I think CySysResetReason() function does not exist, I'm testing the use of RESET_SR0 register to detect the source of the reset.

At the very beginning of the main code I put the test:

void main()
    uint8 ResetReason;    /* Reason of Reset */

    ResetReason = CY_GET_REG8(CYDEV_RESET_SR0);
    if ((ResetReason & 0x08) == 0x08)

        // THE RESET source was WATCHDOG!

...and so on

BUT seems the code does not recognize that the source of the reset was a WDT (I'M SURE was a WDT!)

What do you think?

Something wrong? Any suggestions?

Thanks to all!


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Can you please attach the project. We can have a look at the project.




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