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PSoC 5LP DFB assembler | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC 5LP DFB assembler

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It seems everyone, mostly, agrees that DFB assembler is super hard and not to be tinkered with.

Some dedicated hobby hackers don't take no for an answer, and given that the assembler is documented in the manuals, together with a DFB asm block containing both an assembler and a simulator showing how data flows through the unit, I decided that to give it a go. The real reason for not using the filter block was that I want real time update of filter coefficients, actually just a simple PID regulator as a filter. The filter component also don't like the unstable character of PID regulators.

My findings are described at:

Comments and corrections are welcome, my time for this is limited so I cannot guarantee any fast responses, but I figure it could be helpful to collect some more help and instructions about DFB asm programming.




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Thank you for sharing. I am also looking into DFB programming, can you please post some project here?

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