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PSoC 5LP Bluetooth Compatibility

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Does anyone know of any bluetooth devices that are compatible to use with the psoc 5LP device? I have looked into a few that are arduino compatible but am unsure if these would be compatible with the psoc 5LP device. I have also looked at the BLE device from cypress but that looks like it is only compatible with psoc 4 and a special psoc devices. When I attempted to use the BLE module in psoc creator 3.2 with the psoc 5LP device it was marked as incompatible.

If anyone knows of any compatible bluetooth devices for psoc 5LP I'd really appreciate the info or link.


Thanks- Tom

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I used HC-05 on PSoC5LP

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What do you mean with compatible? The PSoC4 BLE part / modules are a complete PSoC4, so you treat them as such. That also means you cannot write your project for a PSoC5LP and then program it on a PSoC4 BLE device.

Otherwise, you can use any BLE device and connect it to any PSoC you like as long as there is acommunication mechanism available (UART, SPI or I2C). A HC05 as mentioned would work fine, but there are tons of others available.

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