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PSoc 5 Imaging Sensors\ Cameras

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Hello all,

I am looking for imaging sensors or camera packages that work with the PSoC 5. Ideally i want 3-4 cameras, they can be 1-2MP. Does Cyprus sell these? Im not aware of the bandwidth requirements of this application or if the PSoC 5 will handle 3-4 different channels. Can these cameras use the UART or SPI interfaces?

Thanks for any response!


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Some questions/thoughts -


1) What are you going to do with the cameras ?

2) Cameras real time video ?

3) Camera color depth ?

4) What is PSOCs role with the cameras ?


If you take a 2 MP camera, use a frame rate of 15 frames/sec, coupled with color

depth, make that calculation, you quickly find PSOC cannot handle real time

video, one camera, let alone 4.


Regards, Dana.

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