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PSoC 5 EMIF support | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC 5 EMIF support

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I am new to PSoC and trying to use the EMIF but I cannot find a good documentation for it.

I didn't even found a Component in the Component Catalog to add for EMIF. There is one in the installation folder, called psoc\content\cyprimitives\cyprimitives.cylib\cy_emif_port_v1_0 but it doesn't appear in the Component Catalog.

How do I add this component? Or is there any other way of using EMIF?

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cy_emif_port_v1_0 appear in the Catalog ...
1.PSoc Creator Menu [Tools]
3.DesignEntry > [Component Catalog]
4.Check [Show Hidden Components]

[EMIF Port] appear in Component Catalog - System.
But ... I haven't confirm the movement.

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Sorry, but currently EMIF is not available in PSoC 5.  It is still available in PSoC 3.

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