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Problems with PSOC 5LP and RTC DS1307 via I2C | Cypress Semiconductor

Problems with PSOC 5LP and RTC DS1307 via I2C

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Hello to everybody,
I have a problem interfacing a chip RTC DS1307 with a PSoC 5lp on the 059 kit. I already did it with success on the 050 kit, using its small breadboard. Now I have moved the RTC breakboard and connected it to the 059 kit board. The result is that I am not able any more to read correctly the time and the time I read does not refresh. Maybe there is some HW troubles. I have connected SCL to the pin 0[2] and SDA to the pin 0[3]. Are there any pin out constraint on the 059 kit for I2C connection ?  

Thank you,


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Have a look into the -059 schematics (Program files(x86)\Cypress\CY8CKIT-059\...)

Both of your pins are bypassed with a 1µF capacitor for analog /Capsense use.

When using other pins, do not forget to provide the required pullup resistors.



You are right, thank you !
I will try with pin 0[0] and 0[1] and I will move my pullup resistors.


Problem solved !

thank you

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