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Problem with usb -

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Hi, I new in psoc

I try to use the usb toolkit.

I download the usb example workspace (attached) - and run the project-2

Also I download the usbtoolkit - CySuiteUSB_3_4_7_B204.exe -

descripition is here:

When I try to run it and write to the psoc I get an error.- I attched the error that I get.


I happy to know if this is some problem with my use or how I can fix it?

Is any softfare or package that I need to install?

I using win-7 and psoc creator 3.0 and Psoc 5lp cy8c5868axi-LP035   and the develeponet kit is cy8ckit-001



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just to be sure...

was it posted in the right forum?

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Not quite, I would suggest you to use the "USB Controllers" forum.


Merry Christmas


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