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Problem with PSoC5LP and USB DMA isochronous streaming | Cypress Semiconductor

Problem with PSoC5LP and USB DMA isochronous streaming

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Hello all,

I have some problems with streaming data to the host using isochronous endpoint and DMA with Automatic Memory Management. 

After unsuccessful attempts to create my own project I back to Cypress example.  What I do:

1) Download AN56377

2) Download Project 3 Example ( (PSoC Creator 2.1 SP1)), unzip and open in my Creator 3.0. 

3) Check all configuration with Application Note AN56377, comment line in USBFS_episr.c as said in #13, page 34 of AppNote. After compilation get error in main.c / line 7 - redefinition of USBFS_deviceAddress with different type. Add volatile keyword. Compile and programm my CY8CKIT-050 (CY8C5868AXI-LP035 on board). 

4) Download Cypress Suite USB 3.4.7 and install.

5) Connect board to PC. Device manager detect new device and ask for drivers. I set manual path to directory AN56377\Drivers\Win7_WinVista\x64 (I use Win8 x64) and install driver - no errors. New device Cypress AN56377 Project 3 Device Driver ( determined.

6) Run Streamer from Cypress Suite USB. Set parameters: 

- Endpoint: ALT-1, 1023 Byte, Isoc in endpoint (0x81)  

- Packets per Xfer: 64

- Xfers to Queue: 1

press "Start" button.

And I have every transfers are Failures (see screenshot).

What am I doing wrong?

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