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Memory-dump from SRAM in PSOC Creator | Cypress Semiconductor

Memory-dump from SRAM in PSOC Creator

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 Dear Forum


I'm trying to dump an array of data from SRAM in my PSOC 5 starter kit - to be able to analyze the data in Matlab. I can see the memory values in PSOC Creator, but cannot see any ways to make a proper dump to a file on my PC. Any ideas how to solve this ?






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You'll need to implement some kind of communication between your PSoC and the PC. Depending on the Kit you use there are two easy paths: USB or RS232.

The usermodules are availlable within the PSoC chip itself the question is whether the board supports the hardware.

Beware of the USB in a FirstTouch Kit, it is used for the programming  etc for the PSoC and should not be reprogrammed.

The schematics for your kit are on the accompaning CD or can be found here on the Cypress website (Search for "Schematic" and your kit-number).

When using RS232 you'll need drivers to shift the signal-voltages to the required +- 12V (Maxim is a good source) check wheter they are already on your board.

When USB is usable, use USBUART component.

In both cases you can use Hyperterminal or an equivalent program that's based on serial communication.


Happy communications


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 Thank you for the swift reply !


I was kind of hoping not to have to go that way.. a "dump memory button" in PSoC creator would be really nice to have.. (and easy to implement I think..) :-)


But again, thanks for the reply.

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I think you can do a copy&paste from the memory window or the watch window. For the former one, you might need to mangle the data into the format you need (but CSV should be no problem). For the latter one, you will need to the data accessible in an array, and you need to increase the amount of elements show (note that this may slow down the debugger).

I have no PSoC with me to test this, but I remember to have done this for the array part.

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Maybe you could do it with PSOCProgrammmer Command Line Interface. I remember that there was something like ReadRAM()

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