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Macros for bit band access? | Cypress Semiconductor

Macros for bit band access?

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Are there macros anywhere in the standard generated code (or, in a code sample, if need be) for setting / clearing / toggling bits through the Cortex M3 bit-banding feature?

I'd like to take advantage of this for uninterruptible read/modify/write of some status bits associated with each of a bunch of buffers in the SRAM. From what I understand it should be possible, but I'm wondering if I need to roll my own. I'm OK with assembly, not so much with the C preprocessor.

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The info provided at the link below may be of some help.

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Thanks, I will do that.

You guys should consider rolling this into the libraries that come with PSoC Creator. It looks to me like there's no impact on code size as long as it is unused.

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 Thanks for the reference, dasq... I'm also interested in an easy and consistent way to access the bitband region.


For anyone interested, the target URL has been slightly changed to


IOW, just add an 'l' to the original URL and you should be fine. But be aware, this document has been cached on the ARM site, so I'm not sure if that will limit its availability


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