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log function PSoC 5

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I wanted to put the application in AN60590 PSoC 5, the ARM compiler does not recognize the function log
multiply_factor = (Q_BY_K AdcResolution *) / (IDEALITY_FACTOR * (log (CurrentRatio)));
while log (20) or log (20.12) works
This does not in PSoC Creator 1 and 2
If you have the solution!
thank you

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This KB article address your issue I have also talked about this KB  in the AN60590 application note ( in page 5 of the pdf just before the section "Transistor Selection".



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thank you
I'm sorry, I saw KB article but I did not understand. Now it works but I do not understand why "m" but it does not matter.
Happy Holidays

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In order to use the external library one have to link the library using  /usr/lib/libm.a in the command line

The short form is


the compiler option -lXYZ will attempt to link object files with a library file ‘libXYZ.a’ in the standard library directories

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