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Kitprog stops working after firmware update (CY8CKIT-059) | Cypress Semiconductor

Kitprog stops working after firmware update (CY8CKIT-059)

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I have a CY8CKIT and the PSoC programmer recommended a firmware update which I did.

However, the result is that now Kitprog does not appear as a target device  in PSoC programmer (3.24.2)

anymore, but a new drive symbol is created. However, a note  (file named STATUS) says, that using this drive as a programmer only

works for PSoC 4.

Since programming works with the original Kitprog firmware (on a second kit) I want to get the previous

firmware back into Kitprog (e.g. using the bootloader tool) .

I have modified this particular kit, so I do not want to use just another one or switch to mini-prog (yet another modification - add the programming header, snap off Kitprog).

I did not find the cyacd file for the original kitprog firmware, only this project for the PSoC 4 Pioneer kit, which probably will not work with 

a PSoC 5 target.


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The firmware update works, no need to re-program an old version. Probably the windows driver needs an update. Re-boot your pc and plug-in your programmer (Kitprog). if it does not work right now, consider to unload the USB drivers. Use from  USBDeview for that job.



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