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ISR Outside of the generated source

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I have 2 interrupts which each have their own ISR's. I wrote the ISR's in the spaces given in the generated source files, but I'd like a way to put the ISR's into my own source files. I delete the generated source before putting the project into source control, which gets rid of my custom routines. Is there a way I can keep the interrupts I have, and put their routines somewhere other than their respective c files?


Thank you

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That is easily to be done and besides it is my own favorite way ising ISRs.

Drop and wire an Isr-component onto your schematic

There are two macros CY_ISR_PROTO(YourIsr); that declares YourIsr to be an interrupt handler prototype definition

and CY_ISR(YourIsr) that declares the handler.

Isr_StartEx(YourIsr); // This will start the interrupt handler.

You'll find (short) descriptions of the macros in the "System Reference Guide" which you may find from the "Help"-menu in Creator.


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 More information on used defined ISR's can be found in Appnote AN54460

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