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IE 10 broke mangled post a message screen | Cypress Semiconductor

IE 10 broke mangled post a message screen

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 I know this doesn't belong in PSoC 5 Device Programming but we don't have a FORUM wide forum area.


I know it isn't cypress fault but someone should be aware that the recent IE 10.0 upgrade in windows by default mangles the screen for "post a message". no toolbar and a tiny "description" box.


i had to switch to safari to really post a message.



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I had the same issue with IE 9 and Mozilla ~ 2 weeks ago, then it went away.


No clue as to why.


I use primarily Mozilla, as cut and paste, in general, seems to work better than

IE for images.


Regards, Dana.

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 PSOC creator uses IE on the Start Page, I was about to remove IE from my system but then had to think about it.

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